Inclusion Rules

Types of reports excluded

  • Reports that summarize multiple events, e.g., overview reports
  • Reports that inform that event or venue is being inspected, has been inspected, how inspections are done, without initial report or update on a specific event
  • Ride openings, closings, announcements
  • Regulatory programs, legislative changes
  • Reports that describe alleged defects in ride equipment without corroborating event
  • Commentary on previous concluded litigation (newly filed suits on previous occurrences involving rides are included, noting the date of occurrence)

Venues excluded

  • Boats at marinas linked to parks or venues
  • Aquariums and zoos other than rides
  • Art galleries, museums
  • Ropes courses, climbing walls, Hallowe’en mazes
  • Golf courses
  • Hotels and off-park retail (e.g., Disney Springs) even if part of theme park resort
  • Swimming pools, spas/hot tubs, waterslides at hotels, private homes, municipal recreation centres, and natural bodies of water, even with “waterpark” in name. 
  • Washrooms, change rooms, restaurants within the venue
  • Parking lot, transportation station, or other adjacent facilities such as escalators, parking trams, monorails, ferry boats to and from parks or between lands
  • Hot air balloon, including tethered balloons
  • Municipal playgrounds and parks
  • Offroad vehicle courses
  • Observation towers where the ride up and down is not the attraction

Events excluded

  • Stoppage with restart or evacuation, unless an injury was sustained other than heat, dehydration, anxiety, whether due to power outage or sensor-activated ride stop
  • Parade related mishaps or character greeting interactions
  • Food poisoning, infectious diseases, water quality / public health, Legionnaires
  • Patron rejection for disability / eligibility reasons
  • Guests fighting, assaulting, or offending each other, use of weapons, indecent exposure, attempted abduction, molestation
  • Thefts, break-ins, vandalism, trespassing outside of operating hours
  • Bomb threats and other events affecting or threatening public safety/security
  • Weather based events, damage, and recovery from e.g., hurricane, earthquake, lightning
  • Employee injury events not involving a ride, e.g., struck by delivery truck, electrocuted by streetlamp, fall off roof of building. Injury to employee directly involving a ride, such as struck by ride vehicle, electrocution during assembly, are NOT excluded.
  • Patron injury events not involving a ride, e.g., involving landscaping near ride, personal property lockers, fencing, gates outside show building or not at load/unload area. Injury to bystanders, queued patrons, unloading patrons when involving the ride, ride parts and substances, or show building are NOT excluded.
  • Fire of adjacent structures, fires during overnight/closures. Fire of ride or show building occurring during ride (e.g., a malfunction) is NOT excluded.

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