Coverage of Six Flags accidents in NJ and other unrelated metrics

This report in covered reported accidents at various Six Flags theme parks. Some of these were included in RRRR monthly recaps.

El Toro, 28 June 2021, an up-stop wheel became out of position and the train was stopped.

Fender Benders, a collision between two ride vehicles reportedly occurred on an unspecified day in April.

Saw Mill Log Flume, 13 June 2021, a boat tipped and evidently collided.

Nitro, a roller coaster, 11 June 2021, was removed from service when a malfunctioning lap bar was reported.

The Joker, a roller coaster, was removed from service on 14 July 2021 after a head injury was reported.

Green Lantern, a roller coaster, had a rider reportedly lose consciousness on 24 July 2021.

The report obtained state occurrence data from Six Flags for several years and reports these in a variety of charts, as well as reporting a selection of occurrences from other jurisdictions, and the CPSC. As previously reported, CPSC data for amusement ride injury is a poor metric of safety, due to the inherent limitations of the sampling strategy and the inclusion in the same product code a variety of devices not conventionally considered “amusement rides”.

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