May 2021 Monthly Ride Report Recap

Updated 24 August 2021.

The pandemic-suppressed operation of amusement attractions has in turn suppressed the occurrence of patron injuries, as reflected in media coverage. There were two (2) reported cases from May, plus two (2) cases from previous periods not previously recapped.

02 May 2021, at City Park of Culture and Recreation in Kazakhstan, a swing carousel malfunctioned causing collisions between seats, reportedly injuring eight patrons. Link

08 May 2021, but reported in August, a rider on a propeller ride at Jubilee Park, Kramatorsk (Ukraine) struck against the portable steps used for loading and unloading, requiring medical care. As the seats are elevated, the operator brings portable steps to assist riders to load and unload, and must remove these out of the path of the ride before operation. This removal step was omitted. Link

Previous periods

In addition, media reports often cover occurrences from previous periods, in connection with updates on litigation.

In May, it was reported that the regulator in Australia’s Northern Territory has charged the operator for a 2019 (May 18) ride malfunction of an Octopus at the Fred’s Pass Show. Two riders were injured when a sweep arm buckled and their seat unit fell to the ground. In addition to the structural defects that resulted in the failure, the ride’s brakes were also deficient in maintenance and repair. Link

A case from 10 years ago, involving the lighter rider in a dual-rider inflatable tube raft injured after being ejected during a ride on the Black Hole waterslide at Aqualand in Spain, was settled in litigation. Link

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