April 2021 Monthly Ride Report Recap

The pandemic-suppressed operation of amusement attractions has in turn suppressed the occurrence of patron injuries, as reflected in media coverage. Two (2) reported events were recapped and recorded. The media also reported on one excluded event, recapped for general interest.

12 April 2021 at Eco Land Theme Park (South Korea), a tourist train within the park derailed resulting in injury to 24 people. Link  

18 April 2021, a ride vehicle detached from a ride “La Oruga” at Divertilandia Park (Peru), injuring four riders . Though described as a “park”, images in news coverage appear to show mobile rides. Key images show a gondola wheel, but descriptions appear to refer to a kiddie coaster themed to a caterpillar. Link | Link

Excluded events

Occurrences of public conveyances are not collected in the RRRR dataset, even when used to travel to and from the attraction, even if owned and operated by the attraction operator. For example, we would not record malfunctions of elevating device, unless the ride up and down is the attraction. Although a relatively unusual and therefore attractive mode of transport, gondolas used in lieu of shuttle buses are conveyances. However, this recent event is recorded for convenience. On 22 April, a collision between two or more gondolas was reported at Walt Disney World Resort, outside the Hollywood Studios park, in a situation similar to one that had occurred shortly after the conveyance system opened in 2019. Link

Late-March cases reported in April have been added to March 2021 recap.

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